EA Machining with CNC turning component

EA Machining offers streamlined manufacturing of prototype, short and long run production CNC turning and milling. Both machine processes offer you precision accuracy and consistency when manufacturing parts. Unlike a manual process, CNC turning operates from a program following a tool path to produce identical parts.

Due to extensive years in the CNC turning business, EA Machining offers quality prototype and short run production parts at competitive prices.

For long run production, EA Machining utilizes a bar loader along with the accurate CNC turning machinery to enable unattended, round-the-clock machining. This process enables EA Machining to bring competitive prices to our customers.

EA Machining is able to handle common processes such as threading and the more specialized, knurling and broaching methods.

Download EA Machining's Capability Statement for a complete description of our capabilities and certifications. [pdf 469kb]

CNC turning and milling
EA Machining produces CNC milling and turning components for aerospace, aviation, defense/military, general industrial, medical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing inductries.