EA Machining with CNC turning component

What do aircraft, medical testing equipment, the space shuttle, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment all have in common? It is the demand for 100% accuracy and 100% reliability—down to the smallest component. And as such, fittings and connectors are as essential to the functionality of these machines as any larger part.

EA Machining, located in Santa Clara, CA, is an AS 9100 certified machine shop specializing in prototype, and short and long run production CNC turning and milling. Our business is predicated on the principal of exactness. From zero-defect quantities to a spotless reputation with customer service and delivery, our customers have come to rely on our proven expertise. And because we may not always know the end application for our parts, our demand for perfectionism permeates everything we do.

Some of our projects include electrical interconnect systems, high fluid transfer systems, conduit assemblies, and high current connectors.

EA Machining manufactures high quality fittings and connectors at competitive prices.


  CNC turned machine part
EA Machining offers payment by credit card on orders.
EA Machining produces CNC milling and turning components for aerospace, aviation, defense/military, general industrial, medical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing inductries.